Meet the 5 Types of Online Casino Gambling Players

Meet the 5 Types of Online Casino Gambling Players

With the emergence of online casino gambling players, more players are attracted and curious in exploring the realm of online casinos. The new concept of online casinos brings together different kinds of people with various characteristics and intentions. Below is a list of different kinds of people who gamble in online casinos. They may have various characteristics and intentions, but they mostly make up the market of online casinos.

Types of Online Casino Gambling Players

Curious Online Gamer

If you love playing online games, you might have stumbled in games that ask you to wager your money while playing their featured games. You may be drawn to their enticing graphics and excellent interface, especially if the online casino has partnered with well-known, reputable software providers. Most teenagers and young adults usually start at this phase.

They can start wagering small amounts to test the experience. Eventually, they may think like it at some point or quit if they feel that it’s not for them. These types of online casino players who decide to continue playing may branch out into other types following this list.


Gamblers who came from classic casinos or those who passionately dedicate their time to master tricks and techniques in casino games become professional players. These people put time and effort into practicing skills, which would significantly increase their chances of winning.

Some casino games like poker, blackjack, and other card games require both luck and skill to win. Casino games like these even have championships and tournaments. Other games such as slot and roulette won’t require skill like that of the other card casino games, but sometimes you can use probability, statistics, and common sense to aid you. You can also be at a good advantage if you’re a seasoned slot machine player, and you start noticing some tricks and patterns in your online casino.


Some players use gambling and betting to enjoy time with their friends. These types of players play for friendly competition. You could compare them to social drinkers who go to bars and invite friends to share time with them while doing an activity.

Social online gamblers might invite friends to play in multiplayer online casino games for fun or watch a sports game together wherein they place bets to make the game more thrilling. You can consider them as casual gamblers as they are not that passionate to spend time and effort to master skills in online gambling, neither are they spending too much to the point of addiction.


This type of online gambler has an addiction problem. Pathological gamblers usually wager money irresponsibly and run to their 24/7 online casinos whenever they feel some tension. Usually, online gambling brings them stress too, which makes it even worse. They usually get caught up in the chain of “chasing losses.”

Severe pathological online gamblers would be those who keep their situation secret and are in denial of their gambling problem. They are usually hard to detect since online casinos can be present anywhere and anytime they want.


Like land-based casinos, there could also be third-party scammers who run inside online casinos. Greedy and manipulative people utilize the internet and addiction of other players to garner ill-gotten money.

These illegal players also include hackers who break the system of online casinos and players to cheat and accumulate money. These procedures go against online casino’s standard operations and are against other players’ rights, making it illegal.


The reach of online casinos is vast, and they are attracting more players worldwide. You will encounter different types of online gambling players in online casinos. You can even belong to one of these types.

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