5 Amazing Facts You Should Know About Online Casinos

5 Amazing Facts You Should Know About Online Casinos

Online casinos started way back from 1996. They began sprouting out of nowhere in the early 2000s. Here are interesting facts you may want to know about online casinos. These facts may amaze you, but it also aims to inform you about the mysteries of online casinos at the same time.

First Online Casino

InterCasino, in Antigua, was the first online casino ever established. They had 18 available games to offer at that time. Nowadays, there are thousands of online casinos offering their services to different parts of the world. The casino paid out total winnings of more than 3 billion dollars.

The US banned all online casinos in 2006, which made Canada receive profits from the gambling industry. It is now home for many reputable licensing agencies and well-known gambling operators and game providers.

Men Versus Women

Online gamblers are adding to the numbers throughout the world. 82% of those are men, while 18% are composed of women. Both men and women gamblers' average ages are around 30. Moreover, the majority of online gamblers in both men and women love roulette games.

Both Legal and Illegal

A few countries ban gambling in general, including online gambling. However, if you study their laws, you may see some loopholes like Singapore, for example. They consider gambling as an illegal activity. However, they still allow some operations and exempt some organizations from the law and permit them to do some gambling activities. Other countries also twist the rules by playing offshore where the laws don't apply.

Play for Free

Most casinos offer their games for free as a trial mode to see how the game works and feel the experience while playing them. It is common for teenagers and young adults to engage in these activities, as underaged individuals cannot play on online casinos.

If you are not into gambling but would like to try the games from online casinos because of their enticing themes and colorful graphics, you can try them for free!

Pathological Gamblers

Pathological gambling has been considered as a clinical disorder officially way back in 1980. Pathological gamblers make gambling activities their hideaway from life's stress and tensions, which is a bad idea because it further brings them to more pressure leading to depression. For every five gamblers, scientists estimate that one is pathological.


It's interesting how online gambling was established way back in the '80s but suddenly boomed in the early 2000s. It has made a significant impact on society and has been a part of most people's lives. Some have made online gambling a casual hobby they enjoy. However, others got out of control, which turned online gambling terrible for them.

With the sudden boom of online casinos, some people who are unaware of these suddenly became curious. In the future, more amazing things can add to the list as the market of online casinos continues to expand.

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